LASCOMED donated Food Stuff to it’s Members as Palliatives


LASCOMED Cooperative Winner of the Society of the year – Health Sector at the 2019 National Cooperative Awards is blazing the trail again by being the first within the Departmental Cooperatives in Nigeria to take a bold step of complimenting Government efforts in providing palliatives to Nigerians during this COVID-19 lockdown by distributing relief package (Food Stuff) to all members of the society.

We all know that the effect of the total lock down especially in Lagos State as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is no doubt seriously affecting the socio-economic needs and aspirations of LASCOMED Members.

Interacting with the President of LASCOMED Cooperative, Mrs. M. O. Bakare few days ago, on the motives behind this great initiative of her Cooperative, she said, “we at our society are proactive leaders with deep human feelings, hence putting into action the Cooperative principles and ethical values of caring for others, social responsibility and concern for community comes naturally.”

Mrs. Bakare concluded by “urging other Cooperative Leaders, no matter how small, to embark on such initiatives that can help relieve their members’ predicament at this period and to demonstrate our Motto; “Each for All… All for Each!”


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