LASCOMED Cooperative is a society where dreams of members are fulfilled. I am a living testimony to that, as joining the cooperative many years back has afforded me opportunities to achieve all necessity of life. Being the current president that grew along the leadership ladder, I can authoritative invite you to join the society and fulfil your dream. – Mr. J. O. Dina (President )

LASCOMED Cooperative is the best society. I joined 2000, became a Unit Rep in 2007, and climbed through the leadership ladder, rose to becoming Secretary and currently the Treasurer. I will advise any civil servant to join us. You will have the opportunity to be informed and empowered, get national and international exposure with management and leadership experiences. – Mrs. B. T. Olubajo (Treasurer)

LASCOMED Members are Wonderful. Thanks to the Founding Members, my Mentors and past Leaders.

I joined in 1999, with the help of the society cultivate savings culture, enabled me to trained two graduates, bought cars, and built my house. It gives me the privilege to serve and to lead at various capacities since 2002 as Unit Rep, ex-officio in 2014, committee levels and currently the General Secretary. I have attended several cooperative training and conferences across the nation and globally – Mrs. S. Adewumi (General Secretary)

As a paid staff of LASCOMED since 2001, I can boldly say to any one aspiring to pursue their career path in cooperative and accounting to join our workforce, as working here has been a worthwhile experience with the board of trustees, management committees and other employees alike. By the grace of God whatever a man needs to be a man has been achieved by me and all thanks to God through this LASCOMED. – Mr. Akande Oluwaseyi Olayinka (Manager)

I joined the services of LASCOMED in 2007 and since then, I have no regrets as it has always been a place like home away from home with my other co-staff and the management team. It has provided me with opportunities to further my studies and It has given me a lot of trainings to aid my career. LASCOMED provides a good working environment for its staffers and recognises our efforts. I am happy to be here to fulfil my chosen career path. – Mrs. Abimbola George (Computer/Account Analyst)