Qualification & Admission

To be a member of LASCOMED you must meet some certain criterion, such that you must be;

♦ Of good and honest character

♦ Of not less than 18years of age except in the case of an heir of a deceased member, and where the Director of Cooperative Services grants exception from this criteria

♦ A member of senior staff of the board still on the payroll of any of the organizations, which made up the Board

♦ A member who does not belong to any other society, the primary object of which coincides with that of LASCOMED except with the permission of the Director.

♦ Application for membership shall be made by the procurement of Membership/Entrace form to be submitted to the Secretariat Office who shall have the discretion to process same. Every member shall on admission be required to sign the Membership Card and Personal Ledger

♦ All application for membership shall be confirmed by the President and Secretary