Consumer Product

Over the years, LASCOMED has been operating a consumer shop which was first established in Adeniji Adele area of Lagos Island but, now moved and situated at their present headquarter office at No. 1, Broad Street, General Hospital Chest Clinic Block, Lagos Island to meet  all members’ commodity needs.


The purchase and sales of essential commodities have become a regular occurrence all year round. Electronics and computers were sold to interested members for as low as 10% per annum. The provision of electronics and consumables do not in any way affect the monthly loan disbursement regularly.


The Consumer Unit at the office enables members to own virtually anything on “Take now and pay later or on installments” basis. This style of consumer operations has been liberal in terms of the repayments. From regular household items, like electrical and electronics appliances to foodstuff such as Rice, Gari, Vegetable oil, Stockfish, and other valuable items. LASCOMED has assuaged the thirst and satisfied the hunger of its members in the area of consumer goods.