Loans Product



LASCOMED has been providing credit facilities to its members at fair and reasonable rates of interest far better than what is obtainable at a commercial bank for provident and productive purposes being one of the primary objectives of the society.

In LASCOMED, every member has a direct access to loans of any kind that is obtainable at the society. The Finance/Loan Committee discharge their duties without fear or favor to every member that is qualified meeting all criteria for a loan to be given has never been turned down. Neither has there been default in terms of repayments on the part of members.

About 160 individual members do apply for loans regularly on a monthly basis to the tune of NGN150 – 160million naira each month. The management committee and staff work selflessly every now and then to ensure all operations of the society go on smoothly without any rancor from members and see that every member is provided with quality services.